In here, you will find a brief personal portfolio of myself.

Commemorative Centennial Medal
( What*s this?)

Awarded by Scouts Canada
  Woodbadge II: Advanced Leadership Training (What*s this?)

※Jenny Lau is a Pack Leader with the Sea Dragons. She took part in the Orientation at the Coquitlam Scout Hall last October, then her Woodbadge Part I at Camp McLean in November and has now completed her Pack Part II.§
-Scouts Canada. (June 2007). Woodbadge II for 2006-2007. Coho Area Fish Tales. Volume 1, issue 10, page 2.
  My Summer Job in 2009 as a Youth Services Officer

Source: Hill, A. (June 5, 2009). Looking for Work? Look no Further. Prince Albert Daily Herald, pages 1,2.

My co-workers and I worked together to help 100+ local employers in recruiting students to work for casual and summer jobs. We managed the Odd Job Squad (Casual Labor Program), developed job descriptions and posted job advertisements. As well, we promoted our service from time to time and targeted both students and employers.


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